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Effective Meeting Skills Workshop

Intended For...

Anyone who wants to participate in or conduct more productive meetings.

The workshop is presented at the client site.

Lead Time
3 weeks

6 hours
Presenter Information

The presenters are experienced in conducting effective meetings and trained to teach the Effective Meeting Skills Workshop. They have practically applied the course material and have taught numerous organizations to conduct more focused, productive meetings.

For Cost & More Information
801/DSN 775-5555


The Effective Meeting Skills Workshop is based upon the highly acclaimed course by Joiner Associates "Running Effective Meetings". This workshop brings to the meeting room practical TQM concepts and principles.

Each concept, principle, and skill is introduced in easy to grasp segments, utilizing feedback from participants own experience. A simple, yet highly effective process is introduced to maximize the benefit of each meeting. Templates for various stages of the process are provided to assist participants take back to the workplace the lessons learned during the workshop.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Viewing the meeting as a process.
  • Key roles to effective meetings.
  • The purpose and structure of agendas.
  • Setting ground rules for repetitive meetings.
  • Capturing and tracking action items.

Structured exercises are used to solidify workshop concepts.

At the Conclusion...
The participants should:
Understand how to conduct a productive, focused meeting.
Understand the critical roles for effective meetings.
Understand the key activities for each role.
Have a working knowledge of an effective agenda.

Associated Activities and Deliverables
Prior to the workshop, interviews with select workshop attendees are conducted to determine organizational specific issues to be addressed in the workshop.


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