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Consulting Services - Overview
Capability Maturity Model-Integration (CMMI)
Service: Consulting
Assessment: SCAMPISM (Standard CMMISM Appraisal Method for Process Improvement)
Workshop: Introduction to CMMI
Workshop: CMMI Overview
Workshop: CMMI Executive Briefing
Software Estimation
Workshop: Software Estimation
Handbook: Software Development Cost Estimating
Process Improvement
Service: Cost and Schedule Estimation
Service: Computer Resources Life-Cycle Management Assistance
Assessment: Documentation Evaluation
Project Management
Acquisition Project Management Workshop
Project Management, Applied
Project Management, Concepts and Principles
Configuration Management
Software Configuration Management
Service: Consulting and Implementation
Assessment: Capability Evaluation
Workshop: Executive Session
Workshop: Software Configuration Management
Documentation and Standards
Service: Technical Documentation Inspection Services
Service: Process Workflow Consulting and Implementation
Assessment: Independent Documentation Assessment
Workshop: J-STD-016-1995 Seminar
Workshop: Process Workflow Workshop
System Engineering & Development
Requirements Engineering
Service: Requirements Engineering Technology Adoption
Workshop: Requirements and Design Documentation
Workshop: Requirements Engineering
Object-Oriented (OO) Adoption
Workshop: Object Oriented Programming in Ada95 Course
Workshop: Ada for Managers Short Course
Workshop: Ada95 An Overview
Workshop: System and Real-time Programming and Ada95
Organizational Personal Software Process (PSP)
Service: Organizational Adoption
Workshop: Executive Seminar
Workshop: Disciplined Software Engineering
Software Measurement
Service: Consultation
Assessment: Capability Evaluation
Workshop: Foundation
Workshop: Implementation Planning
Workshop: Executive
Workshop: Practical
Software Quality Engineering
Software Quality Assurance Services
Workshop: Software Quality Assurance
Software Reliability Service
Service: Software Reliability
Software Quality Inspection Services
Workshop: Inspection Moderator
Workshop: Facilitated Inspection Process Definition
Workshop: Software Inspections
Workshop: Disciplined Document Reviews (DDR)
Technology Adoption Services
Service: CMM Snapshot
Service: Interim Profile
Service: CMM Based Appraisal (CBA) for Internal Process Improvement (IPI)
Workshop: Strategic Planning
Workshop: Software Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Overview
Service: Process Definition
Workshop: Action Planning
Workshop: Personal Processs Maturity for Individuals
Workshop: Personal Processs Maturity for Executives
Workshop: Team Development
Workshop: Effective Meeting Skills


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