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In 1987, the U.S. Air Force selected Ogden Air Logistics Center (OO-ALC), Hill Air Force Base, Utah, to establish and operate its Software Technology Support Center (STSC). It was chartered to be the command focus for proactive application of software technology in weapon, command and control, intelligence and mission-critical systems.

The STSC provides hands-on assistance in adopting effective technologies for software-intensive systems. We help organizations identify, evaluate and adopt technologies that improve software product quality, production efficiency and predictability.  We help others buy and build software and systems better.

We use the term technology in its broadest sense to include processes, methods, techniques, and tools that enhance human capability. Our focus is on field-proven technologies that will benefit the DoD mission.

1987-91: U.S. Air Force assigned OO-ALC the Technology Application Program Management task for software. Originally named the Software Technology Office, it focused on demonstration of new software technologies. As an official Embedded Computer Resource Software Improvement Program task, the focus expanded to information exchange and evaluation, with the development of CrossTalk, Software Technology Conference, On-Line Bulletin Board and Technology Reports. By the end of 1991, STSC was providing information on six software technology areas, increased CrossTalk subscriptions from 200 to 2,000, facilitated 725 attendees at the third conference in April 1991 and added 200 On-Line Bulletin Board users.

1992-94: By the end of 1994, the STSC had expanded its services to on-site guidance on software technology adoption. This included hands-on guidance in planning, implementing and managing technology adoption. By 1994, STSC was providing services across 14 software technology areas, CrossTalk had 12,500 subscribers, the Sixth Annual Software Technology Conference hosted over 2,200 attendees, Software Technology On-Line had 1,100 users and STSC consulted on 24 technology adoption projects across five Air Force major commands.

1995-June 2012: The STSC continues to provide value through both its Information Services and Consulting Services. STSC is leading the Air Force in providing informational and consulting services across many software engineering and process improvement areas. With Acquisition Reform upon us, the DoD continues to move towards outsourcing software development. To keep up with this trend, the STSC has expanded its services to include software acquisition best practice support for government organizations. STSC has performed process maturity appraisals and technology adoption projects across five Air Force major commands, the Navy, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Treasury Department. STSC Information Services are growing as well. CrossTalk now enjoys a readership of 24,000+ hard-copy subscribers and has over 250,000 reader download requests per month online. The Software Technology Conference gathers over 1,000 attendees annually.  STSC On-Line has grown considerably with over 200,000 visits each month.

July 2012 - Present:
The Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) is formed. The Ogden Air Logistics Center changes to the Ogden Air Logistics Complex and becomes part of the AFSC. The STSC remains active in its mission with two primary service areas: Consulting and CrossTalk both performed under the leadership of the Ogden Air Logistics Complex. Conference sponsorship changes from STSC to IEEE.


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